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Rep. Rod Hamilton and Rep. Karen Clark met with local urban farm food champions today after the Minnesota House Ag Finance committee heard urban farm legislation HF 1461 and Hf 2076. Both bills advanced and were moved forward for consideration.



Big Ideas for Minneapolis Parks – On Thursday March 16, 2017 the people of Minneapolis were given a glimpse of the benefits a more responsive, publically responsible Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) would provide to the city and its residents. The Innovation Lab, organized by candidate for MPRB Commissioner at Large Russ Henry

Courtesy: Dave "Brixton Hughes" Okar CDDF Productions / New Hughes 

The most popular ideas among the presenters and public revolved around using the park land to grow healthy food for the people of Minneapolis, particularly in neighborhoods that have been chronically underserved and underrepresented by the planning and policies of the MPRB and other branches of Minneapolis government. One of the strongest advocates for bringing the resources of the MPRB to bear on these critical issues was Michael Chaney, one of the activists that developed Project Sweetie Pie. This important project aims to establish an educational urban farm campus in North Minneapolis by working with the MPRB. Locating the campus in North MPLS will bring much needed resources to a disadvantaged part of Minneapolis, but the impact of Project Sweetie Pie, especially the proposed greenhouse space, will be felt citywide and benefit local organic farmers all around the region. Michael said it plainly, “We cannot be serious about sustainably growing local food when we are limited to farming from April to September, and greenhouses are the best way to extend the growing season”. Chaney was not alone in advocating for the MPLS Parks Board to dedicate its power and resources to growing healthy food on a larger share of the land they control.

Michale & Shawn _ 11 who care donates to PSP

Shawn Olson, one of the Eleven Who Care recipients graciously keeps on giving. Every year he coordinates an arts fund raiser at his company, Cuningham Group. Located in Minneapolis, Cuningham Group is one of the largest architectural firms in the world. The proceeds of the fundraiser were divided among the other 10 recipients and their civic organizations.

Thank you Shawn Olson and the Cuningham Group for caring. Project Sweetie Pie appreciates your generous efforts.

IMG_3602Makin it Happen

Pictured: Omari Chapman-Priced to Fit and Mpls Home Grown Committee Member , & PSP Youth Adam Pruitt /Tre  Gates help with the pergula build.Makin It Happen Sweetie Pie 023Pictured: Omari Chapman-Priced to Fit and Mpls Home Grown Committee Member , & PSP Youth Adam Pruitt /Tre Gates help with the pergula build.Project Sweetie Pie Youth add new skills to their tool belt as they build the pergula at Karamu Garden on Saturday, September 6, 2014, along with The Downtown Congregations Against Homelessness And Hunger event.

Robert Chaney of The Chaney Group with Derrick of Arteka
Robert Chaney -The Chaney Group with Derek Refsland-Arteka
Pictured left to right: Jack Jackman-PSP Mentor, Dan Francois  Proj. Leader-Kraus Anderson Construction, Michael Chaney-PSP Founder, Stewart Hanson-Arteka, Derek Seifert -Arteka, Robert Chaney -The Chaney Group
Pictured left to right: Jack Jackman-PSP Mentor, Dan Francois Proj. Leader-Kraus Anderson Construction, Michael Chaney-PSP Founder, Stewart Hanson-President of Arteka, Derek Refsland-Arteka, Robert Chaney -The Chaney Group
Steve Fitzhugh-Powermoves.org welcomes Volunteers and Community at The PSP & Downtown Congregations To End Homelessness, Interfaith Event
Steve Fitzhugh-Powermoves.org welcomes volunteers and Community at The PSP & Downtown Congregations Against Homelessness, Interfaith Event

September 7 PSP& Downtown Congregations For The Hungrey & HomelessKaramu Garden Carpenter Collage 9 6 2014

Project Sweetie Pie would like to thank our photo contributors to this event: Jake Voit, Kimberly Carpenter, Myron Green, Amy Barker of The Downtown Congregation For The Homeless and all of our VOLUNTEERS!

KARE 11 Talks With Eleven Who Care Award Winner Michael Chaney-Project Sweetie PieIt’s Saturday morning and Project Sweetie Pie’s Founder Michael Chaney,  Youth Leader Adam Pruitt, share in a demonstration and discussion with News Anchor Belinda Jensen of Kare11 television. Check out our story at KARE11: http://www.kare11.com/videos/life/home-garden/2014/08/16/14157845/

Follow Project Sweetie Pieon Twitter:https://twitter.com/ProjectSweetieP KARE Interview 8 16 14WP_20140816_004WP_20140816_002 KARE Reporter w staff WP_20140816_010 Adam Reporter Michael KARE 11 8 16Making A Difference? Eleven Who Cares Celebrates With 30th Year Anniversary Awards Ceremony

Golden Valley, MN: 2014 marks the 30th class of outstanding local volunteers recognized through the Eleven Who Care program. KARE 11 shared the unique and inspiring stories of eleven outstanding volunteers, recognizing a different honoree each month. Since its inception in 1983, Eleven Who Care has introduced the community to 330+ individuals making a difference in their community. This years group of honorees serves a wide range of organizations, each one helping to make their community a better place to live

Recipient & Award Winner Michael Chaney: Project Sweetie Pie (Minneapolis) Founder and leader of Project Sweetie Pie, a program dedicated to connecting youth in North Minneapolis with community gardening. Known as the Johnny Appleseed of North Minneapolis, Michael and the PSP team works to manage over 25 gardens while partnering with other non-profits to expand urban farming and entrepreneurial opportunities in the community.

July 16, 2014 KARE Channel 11 Minneapolis, MN – Eleven Who Cares still defines what matters; making our community a better place through volunteerism. At the core of this annual recognition event are eleven amazing volunteers representing organizations as diverse as the volunteers themselves, All share one common trait- the drive to tirelessly give of their time. Di and Julie11 Who Care Award July 16 2014

Right Pictured: Chris Dixon/Health Is Love, Michael Chaney/PSP Founder, Candis Mckelvy/PSP mentor, Collie Graddick/Community Table & Catherine Fleming PSP

Open Streets


Project Sweetie Pie Receives Coveted Environmental Initiative Award Project Sweetie Pie would like to thank the Environmental Initiative for its recognition of the Project Sweetie Pie community building and partnership efforts. This award means so much to all of us who are seeding the community for change. Thank you.


Project Sweetie Pie has led a revitalization of North Minneapolis’ food system, health, environment, economy, and consciousness through the power of growing food for the people. The organization is working to build community gardens, connect with residents through social media, and develop training opportunities for urban agriculture, food production, and the culinary arts. The effort has grown from 5 gardens with 25 civic partners in 2011 to its current 25 gardens with 145 civic organizations as partners.

Gardening and Urban Farming Academy June 1

SONY DSC Community Garden Academy Working in partnership with Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, ScottsMiracle-Gro, Gardening Matters, Mpls Homegrown, Project Sweetie Pie, received educational programs, seeds, curriculum and activities for community gardeners. Contact us for supplies from the National Gardening Association.

June 2nd Came &Left Us With A Fabulous Community Garden Hub!

Thanks to our partners:


“Miracles Can Happen” – Karamu Garden Celebration Highlights

Revitalizing Minneapolis. Here’s what we will do:

PSP North Garden Phase 1:We will encourage neighbors, schools, churches and neighbors to grow gardens full of fresh vegetables. Some will be eaten, some will be sold, some will be donated to local food shelves via the Gardens Gleaning program. Phase 2: We work with the youth. Through a YouthCafés at Oak Park and other locations in North Minneapolis, through stories and videos, our young people will convey to us their thoughts and dreams for the future. We will combine this with the Tales from the Garden work by Asian Media Access, the video and radio by Youthrive and other youth media programs to begin to grow our community–much like we grow our tomatoes. Phase 3: We figure out how to extend our growing season with hoop houses and aquaponics. We build upon the fertile ground. We will use the winter to teach each other about how to live a health life. We vision our coming gardens, learn how we cook and prepare our food, and plan for our expanded prosperity. PSP Olive Garden Phase 4:We create a Food Corridor/Global Market/Cultural District–the Nile of North Minneapolis starting with Plymouth Ave. We  invite  community agriculture businesses to develop 500+ jobs so that we can go to work and walk home at night. It will be something. Join us for the journey!



We salute a real urban farm pioneer
who left the legacy

Of the people, by the people, for the people.
We support  your vision
and will champion and carry on your cause in your name



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