Urban Ag Needs Your Support: Join Us On January 15th @ 12N


We can work together ensure that a healthy food source continues growing. We welcome  your  support, comments, suggestions and attendence.  Share with your Facebook, Twitter friends.  All are welcome. 

For More Information Contact:

Carolyn Brown:    Phone: 651-225-8778   Email:  csp501dale@gmail.com

                   Michael Chaney:  Phone: 763-227-4881                                                                                                                                      Email info@projectsweetiepie.org or mvchane@netscape.net

                  Ed McDonald:      Phone: 651-757-1751   Email:   edward.mcdonald@state.mn.us

Urban Ag Legislation

State Council on Black Minnesotans: January 15, 2015 - 12PM
State Council on Black Minnesotans: January 15, 2015 – 12PM

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History is in the making. Join us in growing the green movement. The
future of urban farming is in your hands. Please share with your
networks and join us on the hill.

Happy New Year!!! We are excited to have you and others involved with
this effort. Representative Clark has build a lot of energy for out
efforts at the Capitol and are counting on us to deliver the community
support for this nation leading urban agriculture effort. We are
working hard to not let her down and we will not.  Please join our
efforts. Visit the council web site atwww.mn.gov/cobm to get
information about our day on the hill (agenda) Thursday, Janurary 15th
and various legislative proposals (including Urban Ag detail
legislation) in the 2015 legislative proposal document.  To your
question, the Urban Agriculture Bills achieve the following:
·        Requires cities with 60,000 or more residents to create
agriculture development zones when conducting land use
planning. ·        Make the League of Minnesota Cities a source for
model urban agriculture ordinance. ·        Requires the Department of
Agriculture to make grant and loans available for urban agriculture
activities in cities with populations of 60,000 or more
residents. ·        Requires The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable
Agriculture to establish a framework for
participatory    problem-solving in local communities throughout
ruraland urban Minnesota that will strengthen the connection between
local communities, identified food deserts, as defined by the United
States  Department of Agriculture, and deficient affordable fresh and
organic food access zones in urban communities,regions, and the
land-grant university; invest research, education, and outreach dollars
to meet agreed- upon local and regional needs; and foster the
development of integrated agricultural systems that are profitable,
enhance environmental quality, and supporthealthy rural and urban
communities. Let me know f you have other questions.
Edward C. McDonald | Executive Director | Council On Black Minnesotans
1st National Bank Building, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E1240 St. Paul
MN 55101
Direct:  651-757-1751 | Email:edward.mcdonald@state.mn.us | website:
Moving Beyond Tolerance to Allophilia

Connect with Council On Black Minnesotans

Michael Chaney/PSP 763-227-4881.

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