Sacred Garden Flash Mob Planting Powderhorn Park

Plant seeds to be used by youth gardeners all over the community. Plant the seeds of change!


Convocation/Ribbon of Life

(A Sacred Garden Flash Mob Planting)
We can grow
Walk in faith
Sharing space
Mother Earth
“A Sacred Place”
Blessed Be-Peace
Within the family of man
-Blessed Be The Peacemakers-for they shall inherit the earth
One Love-One Mind-One People-One EarthJoin us in celebrating the Coming of Spring. Let us celebrate as one/a
community in harmony and herald in the gardening season in unison.
Let us give voice and give thanks to our continued joy, peace, and tranquility.On Sunday, May 5th at 4:30 p.m. at the May Day Celebration at Powderhorn Park
we are planting the seeds of change. We will be seeding starter plants that will be
donated to youth garden projects in the Twin Cities.If you are a beginning or experienced gardener, Conga Drummer,
Buddhist or Tibetan Chanter, Yoga Practitioner, Praise Dancer, Sufi
Dancer, Tai Chi or Qigong practicioner,
we would like to invite you to come gather with us in your sacred practice
as we honor Mother Earth by creating a  ceremonial labyrinth and communal ritual
that joins us all in a symbolic ribbon of life.

4:30 p.m.
Sunday May 5th
May Day Celebration at Powderhorn Park
Near the Pagoda

***Special Thanks***

Gardening Matters * Project Sweetie Pie *
Douglas Ewart/Aarawak Productions
*The Qigong Connection*

For more information about how you can be involved in
the ceremony and other communal garden starter plantings call
Michael Chaney/Project Sweetie Pie at 651-307-2563

Project Sweetie Pie “Planting the Seeds of Change”


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