PeaceJam with Project Sweetie Pie

Join up at PeaceJam at North High on 15th and James in North Minneapolis on this glorious Saturday at 1:15 pm in Oak Park as we plant the seeds of change! Activities on Saturday and Sunday feature the projects and learning our youth will be showing Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee from Liberia. Vision a world of peace and understanding.

Just last week we were warming ourselves at the Paul Wellstone Center as we celebrated the Mother Earth Fest. We are thrilled to be involved in these events.

Project Sweetie Pie and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association were honored to receive one of three Morrill Hall Rachel Tilsen Social Justice Fund award for work to create a community garden.

Creating a Mosaic Garden at the Martin Luther King Park in South Minneapolis continues the legacy of Rachel Tilsen and the AAC committee which in 1969 took over Morrill Hall at the University of Minnesota in an effort to create more attention to Black and ethnic integration and academic scholarship. The Kingfield mosaics were created by over 300 community members. Designing and implementing a garden featuring these beautiful mosaic panels with patterns from ethnic communities in South Minneapolis galvanizes mutual understand and friendship between neighbors in the Kingfield, Bryant and Field communities. Together the Kingfield Neighborhood Association and Project Sweetie Pie will engage people young and old to benefit from gardening, art, and culinary classes culminating in a harvest fest.

Thanks for keeping up with Project Sweetie Pie. Next week we will tell you about the 20+ gardens that we are planning so that North Minneapolis is going green!

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