Kingfield and Project Sweetie Pie Create Gardens

Dear MLK Garden Stakeholders:

I know it has been a long time since we met and talked and planned for a community at MLK Park, and for a solid year I have had nothing to report, and suddenly I do! A couple of weeks ago I met with a man named Michael Chaney who started and runs an organization called Project Sweetie Pie, we talked for an hour or two and Peg Thomas joined us toward the end of the conversation, she whipped out a grant and submitted it within a matter of days and it was approved last week and the $4000 award from the Morrill Hall/Rachael Tilsen Fund was given at a ceremony this past weekend—suddenly this project is real!

IMG_0454 IMG_0471

The project will begin this year as a youth garden organized and led by Project Sweetie Pie, integrating paid youth interns from Step-up with unpaid community youth. It will be small– 9 raised beds or 81 square feet. The beds will mimic the demographics of the Mosaic Quilting project recently installed on the other side of the building which celebrates the cultural communities that make up our neighborhood. The mosaics of glass and metal interpret cultural textile patterns. The gardens will do the same through cultural food crops, and eventually though cultural cooking and celebrations we hope.

Thanks to the MN Horticultural Society we are receiving the cedar boxes , dirt to fill them, and a donation of plants at no cost. We will pick these up next week, and then begin to try and figure out dates for the community interaction to begin on this project. If you are still interested in this project and want to be kept informed as we move forward, including being invited to volunteer plot building, planting, and cooking days…please let me know!

Thank you all for your energy and commitment to a greener and healthier Kingfield—please let me know how you would like to be involved!
Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director
Kingfield Neighborhood Association

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