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Saturday June 29th AM950 TalkShow Hosts Karen Olsen-Johnson and Laura Hedland were joined by Michael Chaney, founder of Project Sweetie Pie, Nardal Stroud, Board Chair of NRRC and founder of the Plymouth Green Team, Peg Thomas and Kirk Washington with Project Sweetie Pie to talk about how North Minneapolis is “Going Green” with scattered gardens cultivated by our young leaders.

Listen to the June 29th podcast here:

North High Food Gardens

North High vegetable gardens by PSPPSP Youth Return to North High: STEP-UP students take pride in their high schools as together they weed, cultivate and plant flower and food beds. Students learned the value of having both–honeybees must be attracted to properly polinate the vegetables. Most of the gardens are now planted–and watering and weeding has begun in earnest.

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Gardening Matters Visits the Olive Garden

Gardening Matters Staff Visit the Olive Garden at 1420 Oliver N: Gardening Matters runs hubs where community residents get seedlings and supplies. The Local Food Resource Hubs Network supports residents as they grow their own fresh produce, and who support each other through the growing season.  By joining, you’ll also have access to free or low-cost classes, tools, volunteer opportunities and social events.  More information is available at:


8th and Humboldt Gets Water

Water!!!: Permits paid, students watched as water was made available to the garden at 8th and Humboldt. With water comes the ability to keep the plants thriving. This is the garden were Gleaning Gardens and community residents were able to harvest collard and mustard greens.

Students this summer are getting first hand experience about how our Mpls infrastructure can help support our gardens and help North Minneapolis “goin’ green”.


Garden Gleaning, Project Sweetie Pie and Seed Academy work together.

Nan Zosel from Garden Gleaning got one of the first harvests from Project Sweetie Pie:  Stopping by the garden at 8th and Humboldt was a great opportunity as seeds planted by students at Seed Academy, and cultivated during the summer were then harvested and provided to the Garden Gleaning Project where they will be distributed to FoodShelves. Mustard and collard greens will be greatly appreciated by food shelve recipients. Thanks to the Garden Gleaning Project for their partnership.


CDC Visits Project Sweetie Pie

In town for a site visit from the CDC for a successful Asian Media Access project, staff members Apeksha Iyer and colleague visit the Olive Garden: The goal of the CDC’s Community Transformation Grants are to promote healthy equity and the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities. Project Sweetie Pie demonstrated that by helping youth become urban agricultural leaders, they would be seeding our community for change. The representatives were thrilled with what they saw and invited PSP to submit a grant.


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