Environmental Initiative Fetes Project Sweetie Pie

Project Sweetie Pie Earns 2 Environmental Initiative Awards

Environmental-InitiativeMay 22, 2014–Project Sweetie Pie was awarded the “Community Action” and the “Partnerships” award before 480 guests at the Environmental Initiative Awards Ceremony at the Nicollet Inn Pavillion.

Project Sweetie Pie was was selected as exemplifying the Environmental Initiative’s mission to build networks of nonprofit, business, and governmental leaders to work collaboratively to solve environmental problems. Established in 1994, the awards honor partnerships, inspire other organizations to create similar projects, and encourage collaborative approaches to environmental problem solving.

Project Sweetie Pie was a part of the Community Action category along with sister projects, the Frogtown Park and Farm, and the Maplewood Living Streets Policy and Demonstration Project. Other categories included: Energy and Climate, Environmental Education, Food Stewardship, Natural Resources, and Sustainable Business.

Project Sweetie Pie won the Community Action category and was also the winner of eighteen finalists projects receiving the Partnership of the Year Award.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a champion in this great collection of wise and innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing our communities in Minnesota. We look forward to developing new partnerships, making new connections and working together. We hope to bring urban agriculture, solar and other technologies together to create an economic cluster featuring food production, processing and food distribution. We envision training and 21st century jobs for hundreds of residents moving out of poverty. We know it can be done. We want to show the country that focusing on the creation of sustainable wage jobs is as important to our regional vitality as focusing on high end professional jobs. Project Sweetie Pie is seeding change, and we are honored to be recognized as doing things in an admirable way”, stated Michael Chaney, founder.

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