Camden Gardens Get a Conservation Corps Jump

First we thank the Conservation Corps who show-up and got the job done–a beautiful mural for the garden on 3648 Fremont. After a lunch break, they started breaking up the soil in the garden. Later another team will be putting in raised beds for the vegetable gardens. We would like to thank all of these marvelous students for their vision and their work.

This season has given us an opportunity to start using seedlings. Here are photos of the seedlings ready to plant and the lot where they will eventually live. We invite you to come join the Camden Garden Brigade as we seed the community for change.



If anyone would like to come out and do some planting or put some raised beds together that would be AWESOME!!!!! Please let Lisa Dunlap know via email or 651-230-2593 (cell). Please reach out to your networks as well. Getting these vegetables started seems to be impossible, but we will succeed. Stick with us–we have gardens all over town. Check for sites. All volunteers are welcomed. Come dig in the dirt!

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