Urban Gardens in North Minneapolis Step-Up!

The Step-up kids have arrived! Now that summer has come students have been assigned to Project Sweetie Pie, Afro Eco, EJAM, Plymouth Green Team, Appetite for Change and a host of other programs. And, they are working on the gardens. The goal is to create a super-structure. We know that community gardens are fun during planting and harvesting but not as much fun in the hot sun. These young people will be going around to about 30 different gardens to be sure that they are weeded, watered and vibrant. Along the way, they will be learning how to design, plant, and maintain gardens, sell produce, figure out the cost of gardening, and learning about techniques. We will send you a link to their blog.

Here is our wish-list:

  • Adults to help with the gardening and drive kids between 10-3. Contact info@projectsweetiepie.org if you want to volunteer for a day or a week! These are great kids
  • Water bottles
  • Gas cards so some of the seniors can come and help
  • Transportation so that we can get 20+ kids around to the gardens
  • Donations or leads to funds–hauling kids around to the gardens takes a lot of gas



Wells Fargo Volunteers to the Rescue!

Volunteers from Wells Fargo joined with the Minnesota Arboretum and Growing for Good Minnesota on June 8, 2013 to put pop-up gardens all over North and South Minneapolis. We caught up to these dynamic teams at 4000 S 4th Street in So. Minneapolis as they descended upon and then left to seed more gardens:



June is Bustin’ Out All Over!

Opportunities to go Dig in the Dirt (Finally!) Been inside under a blanket? We hear you. It’s been cold. But enough.

Here is how you can join with your happy neighbors:First we want to give a big shout out to Jennie Hotz of the Green Earth Growershttp://www.greenearthgrowers.net  at 612 205 1034,  7150 Casey Parkway Prior Lake MN 55372.  Green Earth Growers of Prior Lake donated dozens of flats of  tomatoes, flowers, peppers, and lettuce which need to be planted tomorrow. They will be donating more for planting on Sunday.

Please know are always welcome to show up and dig in the dirt at the garden sites listed at http://projectsweetiepie.org

Urban gardening opportunities this weekend include:

1 Plymouth Green Team: At 12:00 Noon at Humboldt and Plymouth behind the Legacy Townhouses. Nardal Stroud is out of town so Michael Chaney will lead this brigade. We will meet to till, plant and weed. Contact Michael Chaney at 612 534-6403–remember–he has one of the only pagers left in this century. When you hear the tone, put in your phone number and he will get back to you.

2. South Minneapolis 4000 4th Ave S at 11:00:  More than 40 volunteers from Wells Fargo, 15 youth from the Arboretum and others are meeting to put in raised beds at 8 gardens–mostly in South Minneapolis at  the “Church of God” garden near St. Joan of Arc, Church of God and St. Paul AME.Raised Urban Garden Beds at 3648 Fremont Ave S All churches are coming together for this garden. The garden site manager is Bill Greene at 612 803 4230 These volunteers and students are being organized by LaDonna Redman and she is waiting for the garden “map” that will tell her when the volunteers are going to be at which site. Volunteers will start at another site at 9:30 am, will be here and then will move on to other gardens this weekend. Thank you volunteers! This group helped with 10 sites last Saturday–they will be working on 8 sites. Here is a photo of their work at 3648 Fremont Ave N. If you can’t find this group, call Michael Chaney on his pager at 612 534-6403.

3. The garden at 8th and Humboldt is coming along nicely thanks to the efforts of the Seed Academy students. They cut stakes for tomatoes, planted sunflowers in class and have been out to the garden planting peppers, beans and lettuce. The garden is about 1/2 planted, so volunteers will be needed for a few weeks. If you show and no one is there, you can simply start or call Michael Chaney on his pager at 612-534-6403.

4. The garden at 1422 Oliver should be seeing some activity between 8:00am-12:00pm tomorrow morning with Ezra Jackman, Robert Chaney and some of the last year’s youth troubadours all pitching in. Send us your photos!

 5. If you can’t get out this weekend, put Tuesday night on your calendar Folks at the Camden Gardens at 3648 Fremont and 3653 Emerson Ave N are expecting a load of seedlings that need to go in–they probably won’t all get planted this weekend.

 6. If you want to see a super garden drive by the 2030 Sheriden Ave N garden and let Jim Desnick know how impressed you are.

More news tomorrow morning at 4:00am.  (People were waiting till the last minute to make plans, but it looks like we might finally have a great weekend!)

Send questions and comments to info@projectsweetiepie.org

Camden Gardens Get a Conservation Corps Jump

First we thank the Conservation Corps who show-up and got the job done–a beautiful mural for the garden on 3648 Fremont. After a lunch break, they started breaking up the soil in the garden. Later another team will be putting in raised beds for the vegetable gardens. We would like to thank all of these marvelous students for their vision and their work.

This season has given us an opportunity to start using seedlings. Here are photos of the seedlings ready to plant and the lot where they will eventually live. We invite you to come join the Camden Garden Brigade as we seed the community for change.



If anyone would like to come out and do some planting or put some raised beds together that would be AWESOME!!!!! Please let Lisa Dunlap know via email DunlapL@puc-mn.org or 651-230-2593 (cell). Please reach out to your networks as well. Getting these vegetables started seems to be impossible, but we will succeed. Stick with us–we have gardens all over town. Check www.projectsweetiepie.org for sites. All volunteers are welcomed. Come dig in the dirt!